Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why I Love Moda

Because even if I have made a quilt using Moda fabric that was purchased several years ago, I can almost always find a newer fabric line that coordinates perfectly.  Take this Gold Rush quilt for instance.  I purchased a big fat quarter bundle of Moda Autumn Breeze five or six years ago (sometimes it takes a looong time for me to figure out just the right project for the fabrics I hoard have on hand).  I finally finished this top and picked it up from the quilt shop today, but didn't have enough fabric left over for the binding...rats!  Well, I looked around the quilt shop for something that would work.  Check this out...

It is a newer version of Moda Autumn Breeze!  Although the print is a little different, it coordinates beautifully, and check out the cool leaves on the selvedge :)

So, when I got home I made 470 inches of binding...

Attached it to this monstrous quilt and settled into the couch for some hand sewing.  

Sitting here with the air-conditioning blasting and dreaming of autumn. 

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are and praying for all the folks suffering in the terrible heat wave gripping such a large portion of the country.

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