Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ever since Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts posted her Bento Box quilt back in 2009, I've wanted to make one too.  I loved her choice of colors and she certainly made a fabulous quilt (and pillows). See?

Utterly gorgeous don't you agree?

Well, I also have wanted to make a quilt using the colors from my Bali Moons table runner.  So, I've started poking around for fabrics and found these

I still need a tan/sand, a dark blue and a dark purple to throw into the mix, but I think these will work nicely for the Bento Box pattern.

Tomorrow it's an eye appointment and a trip to the quilt shop to drop off the slide show quilt that was finished last weekend.  I'm also hoping they've finished quilting the first slide show quilt so I can get the binding on and deliver it before the baby arrives.

So, what are you working on this weekend?

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  1. LOVE the colors and pattern - you're going to have fun making that! I do like the Bento Box pattern, but next time I make one I'm going to do it wonky. I wasn't happy with the small one I did.
    I'm going to be quilting, quilting, quilting....can't wait to get this green quilt done....