Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Problem with Saving Money

I went to the local quilt shop today to get my "free fat quarter" - these people are marketing geniuses.  Offering a quilter a free fat quarter is like offering an alcoholic a free drink to get him or her into the bar.  On the way up there I commented that today was the first Saturday of the month which means 30% off the price for end of the bolt fabric. 

I think I mentioned that there are two baby girls arriving this spring, so I wanted to pick up some nice bright girly fabrics for two baby quilts.  I walked out of the shop with 22.25 yards of fabric, but I saved $58.00...I recognize that I am powerless over my addiction to fabric....where's the nearest fabriholics anonymous?

The four fabrics at the top of the picture finished off bolts :)

Notice the spool of orange thread on the right side of the picture?  Well, I also picked up a quilt that was ready, so this will be my Super Bowl hand-sewing project.  The binding is all made and machine sewed on, see?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - happy quilting!


  1. Gracious Mary, which Quilt shop offers a free fat quarter?? It must not be any shop around me ;-)

  2. LOL - my kids call the LQS that I frequent the "bar" and my checkbook has LQS written in for four out of five checks!! One of my girls quilts, so my stash is her inheritance!!

  3. A free fat quarter, that would get me in too, the fabrics you picked, enjoy your binding! Perfect superbowl project!