Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prepping for Super Bowl Sunday

Making a banner?

of course not...because the colors would have to be red, white, and blue

I'm going to need something to do besides eating while watching the big game, so making binding this weekend and getting it machine sewed on seemed like good idea.  I can work on the hand sewing next weekend and probably finish it during the Super Bowl :)

If you zoom in on the picture above, you can see the quilting pattern...butterflies :)

I have always steered clear of scrappy binding because the thought of all those seams gave me the willies, but this quilt begged for scrappy binding and I had a lot of fabric left over.  I cut 18" long pieces and it worked out just fine.  What better use for all those leftover strips of fabric, right?

Now back to watching the Patriots...and the E*Trade talking baby ads...I love them, LOL.
Happy quilting everyone.

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