Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Finish Number 1

I was going to "save" this binding project for next Sunday, but I went on a long walk yesterday including back and forth over one of the causeway bridges.  I was physically tired when I got home, so after taking a shower and plopping down on the couch, I picked up the hand sewing of the Paisley Party binding.  I watched a couple of movies, and by last night the binding was done...funny how that works, isn't it?

I had to hang it on the fence sideways.  Finished size: 60" x 72"

The back

The quilting was done in a whimsical butterfly pattern by the local quilt shop's longarm machine.

This was a very quick and easy quilt to make.  Once the cutting and the 90 four-patch blocks are done, the whole thing can be put together in a kind of quilt :)
Here's a link to the free quilt pattern:  Paisley Party
Happy quilting everyone!


  1. It's lovely and I love the butterfly pattern for the quilting.

  2. Oh is that darling!! I love how you did the back, too - what a great finish! Your walk sounds tiring - I'm lucky to get on my exercise bike 20 minutes a day, lol!