Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Finish of 2011

Okay, I was looking at all sorts of blog posts about final finshes of 2011 and thought I'd make a run to finish up just one more too.  You all provide me with so much inspiration and motivation to get me off my lazy duff and finish up my projects :)

Noah's Ark Warm Wishes Baby Quilt

I snapped these pics right after the sun went down this evening, so they're a bit dark. 

I'm going to try to get a collage of all the 2011 finshes put together before New Year's Day, but we'll see how that plan works out LOL.


  1. SWEET!! Good for you - I found some squares I had cut about 2 years ago, and put them into rows this week, and have been trying all week to get them together into a top! I haven't had any time, lol. Maybe tomorrow! It won't be a finish, but I'll give it to my girlfriend to quilt for me and get it out of my sewing room. I think a collage is a brilliant idea!