Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Sew Day

I'm hibernating today - staying home where it is peaceful and safe :)  I got up and pressed the Terrain layer cake squares and started cutting them into 5" squares.  I am so thrilled with all the colors in this layer cake and the fact that there were very few duplicates (there were five which were all tone on tones - easy to use in another project).  I'm always a little leery of precuts because a few times I have been really disappointed in the large number of duplicates included. 

So, did I miss out on the sales frenzy?  Of course not...I let my fingers do the walking and ordered more Kona solids to include in this project.  Free shipping and 20% off  *happy dance*

There was only one slight mishap - my June Tailor Shape Cut bit the dust.  It's given me years of faithful service (and one really, really nasty rotary cut to the bone of my index finger when I wasn't paying attention and the blade wasn't in one of the grooves), but I picked it up by the edge and it snapped.  I might just venture out to Joann's tonight to see if I can use a Black Friday coupon for a new one...maybe.


  1. I think that ruler is 1/2 off on their your time. :)

  2. Hi Laura - I tried to e-mail you back, but you are a "no reply blogger" so I couldn't. You might want to check your profile. I didn't see your e-mail until I returned from Joann's, but luckily, the Shape Cut was on sale in the store as well. Thanks for the heads up :)