Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Autumn

I love New England.

It's still hot, sticky and 90 degrees here *sigh*  Allergy season is still in full bloom as well and this has been a particularly bad one from my perspective, so I'm staying indoors in the air conditioning.  I decided today to start working on some Christmas projects because I really, really look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I made three projects, but can only show you two because the person for whom I made one of them checks out my blog and would know the one not shown was for her if she saw it.  They start like this:

Then they look like this

and this

a little more sewing

and finally...

these little gift bags

I'm so excited that I've got something this month to enter for Allie's Christmas Through the Year.

These two are the small size gift bag and measure 5" tall with a 4.5" square bottom.  Perfect for some fat quarters, candy, pretty much anything.  I'm going to the quilt shop tomorrow and I think I need to pick up a little Halloween fabric to make a few goodie bags for some special folks (one is four years old).  The other night we were talking about growing up, and when I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, her perfectly serious answer was, "a ladybug" .... everyone together now.... awwwwww. 

I bought her these to go with her ladybug costume

She'll go bananas!

Have a wonderful quilty weekend :)


  1. Those are so cool, Mary, I love them! Good job! And uh-oh, I better get busy making something...haven't given it a bit of thought yet! Oh my gosh those ladybug shoes are the BEST - she's going to love them, she'll think she's all grown up already! Out of the mouths of babes!

  2. Mary those bags are gorgeous - congratulations on getting 3 gifts done - did you use a particular pattern for them?

    I have to agree with our Allie - those ladybug shoes are just the BEST - omg I wish I had a pair myself, lol!

  3. Your gift bags are beautiful and those lady bug shoes look amazing! My grown up daughters would love shoes like that :D

  4. Your bags are adorable and so useful too! And I'm sure your special person will LoVe her bug shoes!
    Cheers :)

  5. oh these bags are lovely mary,well done and so cute with your littlie and the lady bug,lol

  6. Love your gift bags... unusual and pretty.. and those shoes... I wonder if they come in my size... love ladybugs!!

  7. Great little bags! Those shoes are absolutely darling!!!

  8. Hi Mary, I love your little bags... so lovely to be able to put bits and bobs in for Chrissie..