Sunday, August 7, 2011


I've been having computer problems - sheesh!  The problems started after I downloaded Photoshop, but I think everything is back to normal now.  Why did I download Photoshop you ask?  I'll tell you why.  Last weekend I ran across Ali Edwards' website and was totally amazed at her digital scrapbooking projects.  Seriously, if you have any time, go take a look at her fabulous projects.  Since I have four years of digital pictures of Em, this is a really good scrapbooking option for me.  It is so cool that the digital scrapbook pages can be compiled into bound hard cover books as well.  I've already started, but I'm sticking with pages that are mostly put together and just need pictures dropped in and minor tweaks.  These pages are called layered templates and Photoshop is needed to use them.  For this one I used one of Ali Edwards' layered templates as is except for the journaling words.

Okay...since this is a quilting blog, I'll show you what I've been up to sewing-wise.  Em has one of these for school

They are used for naptime, but we live in Florida where it's in the 90's - 100's through September.  Even in the air conditioning, it's too hot to lay on one of these mats.  Last year I made a quilted mat cover, but it was too heavy and bulky so we wound up sending crib sheets to school.  I wanted to make a couple of lightweight covers that would stay on better than the crib sheets, and so yesterday I had an idea....pillowcases, really big pillowcases.  I used the easy, schmeasy pillowcase construction method, so they were whipped up in a jiffy.  It was great to use up a bunch of fabric too - these were fabrics that I had bought, but then couldn't figure out how to work them into a project.  Problem solved!

I'm taking the little princess for her back-to-school haircut, to buy school shoes, and to her school to drop off her supplies Monday.  School starts next week!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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