Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Morning Started Out With a "Bang"

I take Alsley out every morning for a walk so he can take care of business - because he is deaf and blind, he has to be on a leash.  Well, after his walk, we came in through the garage and as I was pouring his kibble into his dish, I heard a loud boom...a seriously loud boom...scared the daylights out of me.  I hesitated to open the kitchen door to the garage wondering what I would find.  Well, nothing looked out of the ordinary, so I hit the garage door opener to see if there was something that hit the garage from outside.  Well, the garage door opener didn't open the door...here's why:

The big spring had snapped.  I just talked to the garage door people...they're headed out here this morning to replace it.

Update:  The repair person is here...just as an FYI, it is a very bad idea to store your big generator in front of the back door to the garage.  This poor guy is working in a hot FL garage and can't even open a door to get a breeze.  It is impossible to lift the garage door without the spring because it is one of those heavy hurricane-rated doors - he said it's going to take him about an hour. 

On a quilting-related note, I finished making the borders for the Hip to be Square quilt and snapped a pic this morning

Happy Tuesday :)

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