Saturday, May 28, 2011

Throw Pillow Covers

Remember last year when I made the batik strip tube quilt?  I had some leftover strips from the piano key borders, some of the marbled purple batik, and some leftover purple print batik that was used for the quilt backing.  These strips and pieces had been laying around my sewing room since last July while I decided what to do with them.  I initially thought I would make a table runner, but just wasn't inspired until I saw some pillow forms on sale at Joann's.  Since I didn't know off hand how much fabric I had at home, I bought one rectangular and one square pillow form.  Then, this happened today...

I was happily surprised that there was enough fabric to make three of them.

There is another "leftovers" project that's been hanging around for a loooong time in my sewing room that may pop up finished before the weekend is over :)

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