Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Embarassing *blushing*

Do you see the post below?  As it turns out, one of the comments (posted by SueWis - thank you) asked the question, "Isn't there another choice between these two shades?"  Well...since these are Kona cottons, the answer is, "Of course!"

Please take note of the colors that I had to strike out (in red) because I was wrong.  

Here's my very embarassing story.  The night I was going to place my order for the two green fabrics, I was waffling back and forth between lime and olive for the the two darker/brighter green fabrics.  I was also waffling between cactus and zucchini for the lighter greens.  I kept holding the large print up to my Kona color card and comparing the greens in the print to the swatches on the color card.  I decided to wait until the next day and check it out in the daylight rather than under incandescent light.  When I compared the colors the next day, the olive was a perfect match as was the zucchini.  I ordered the zucchini, but guess what other color I ordered....lime *blushing*  I just rechecked my order because I couldn't believe the "olive" didn't match exactly.  Well, it sure doesn't when it's actually lime green.  So, I'm ordering the olive tonight.

Thank you all so much for weighing in.  When the fabric comes in, I'll post pics of the fabrics again.

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