Friday, March 11, 2011

Snap before you sew

It is a GORGEOUS day here on Florida's East Coast - a perfect day to move the living room furniture out of the way and lay out the Gold Rush quilt.  I've given the advice to lay out all your blocks and then take pictures from all angles before starting to sew them together.  Case in point...

I snapped a picture and rearranged a few blocks

Took more pictures when I thought I was done...Notice anything wrong?

as much as I examined the layout of the blocks and some of the other pictures, if I hadn't taken this picture from this angle, I might have missed the fourth block up and to the left from the closest corner from this is sideways.  It would have been totally apparent once the borders were on and it was all quilted, that's for sure.  So, I fixed the orientation of that block and when I was done, took a picture from every possible angle just to ensure all the blocks were oriented in the correct directions. 

Alsley "guarding" the quilt

Okay from this vantage point too

Yep - still fine with the orientation of the lights

and the darks

Ready to sew!

I'm sewing with a heightened sense of urgency because I'm having surgery next week on my right shoulder and that pesky right middle finger that has developed so much scar tissue that I can't bend it.  It's a quick outpatient procedure, but I'm not going to be doing much sewing for awhile :(

Have a fabulous day!

6:15 pm Update...Got all the blocks sewn into 13 rows and snapped a picture just as the sun was getting low in the sky.  I'll press them tomorrow.

I'm praying for all the poor people affected by the earthquake and tsunami waves.  I had the television on while I was arranging and sewing.  It is so horrific to see the footage.  Makes me happy to live in Florida - I'll deal with a hurricane any day - at least there's a window of opportunity to get out of its way before it hits.

Have a nice evening!

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