Friday, March 4, 2011

Shocked and more than a little pissed off

Remember my last post when said I mailed my seven month old Canon camera in for warranty repair service?  I received a package today and was thrilled that it was fixed so quickly.  Well, when I opened the package there was a note attached to a box inside the package. 

Check out the label on the box containing the camera...REFURBISHED?!!!!

Here's my annotated version of the "note"

Dear Valued Customer: [yeah I believe that]

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service. [hmm... you call this service?]

Since repairs are not performed on the camera model you sent for repair, [wth? the warranty card didn't mention that] we have shipped a new or factory-refurbished product to you in exchange for your originial unit.  [ummm...the camera was only 7 months old and I paid good money for it, plus $20 to ship it to Canon Factory Service with insurance...a refurbished camera is not a fair exchange in my opinion]. 

I am so disappointed!  This is customer service at it's worst!  You can bet they're going to hear from me about the "exchange" they made for the camera I sent in.  Talk about a company not standing behind their product!  Grrrrr!

The camera is a Canon PowerShot A3100IS...word to the wise...keep this experience in mind if you're thinking about buying one.

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