Friday, February 11, 2011

Binding A Loveliness of Ladybugs

Last night I finally made the binding for Emily's Ladybug quilt and sewed it on.  I sewed one end down this evening and clipped a side to maybe work on tomorrow.

I also happened to find another Grammy "hearts" Emily hidden in the quilting that was done by Angela  (click on the picture below to see it better)  Her quilting is amazing!

I have put off doing the binding mainly because my shoulder has been hurting a lot, and remember the surgery I had on my finger to remove this last summer?

Well, the knuckle is all swollen and sore again :(  So, between the shoulder and the finger (both on my right), I can't do a whole lot of hand sewing.  I'm seeing the orthopedic surgeon on the 21st, so I suspect that I'll be having some work done on the shoulder in the near future.  On the bright side, if something is going on with the finger again, he can take care of that at the same time.

Well, I'll leave you with a picture of my little old boyfriend all snuggled up in his bed - the Stacked Drachmae quilt has become his during this cold winter...yes, it has been cold even in Florida for the second year in a row.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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