Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reminiscing *sigh*

When my two girlies were little girlies, I used to make a lot (most) of their clothes, and my all time favorite pattern was a reversible apron top that criss crossed in the back and bloomers or shorts.  I used to make their outfits out of ginghams, seersucker, or light cottons because we lived in northeast Texas and had no air conditioning in our house - yes, that's right - no air conditioning and it was very, very hot and humid there.  So, anyway, I was in Joann's the other day to pick up some thread with a 40% off coupon and figured I'd mosey over to the pattern books and just take a look through them.  I ran across a pattern for the exact same top and shorts!  So...I picked up two different seersucker fabrics (one of them perfect for her birthday) and got to work today.  See?

Obviously the picture shows the back of the top - I have enough of the purple with white polka dot seersucker to make a of matching pair shorts too.  I bought some of Deb Strain's Love U fabric (green with little owls -too cute!) at our LQS to make another of the same outfit that will be reversible to an orange and yellow Hawaiian print.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Show and Tell

Quick Update 3/18:  Kate Spain is giving away a Verna Layer Cake - go hop on over to her blog to enter!

I just finished sewing the binding on the Pink Hushabye Filmstrip Quilt, so...ta da!

Hopefully the aqua one will be ready at the quilter by next weekend.  It is also being quilted with the same butterfly quilting and I'm going to bind it in the same brown Hushabye fabric as this pink one too.  I think these two quilts would be fabulous for someone who is having boy and girl twins.   

The small diaper bag was made with the both the pinks and the aquas so it can be paired with either quilt (or both).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend - the weather here has turned beautiful!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

So happy it's Thursday tomorrow - Wednesday was like a tornado of activity at work!  I hope all of you out there in happy quilty land had a great day (and wish I had been there too).

Anyway...a couple of finishes...
This Courtyard quilt (or Cour de Chateau as I have named it) is taking a tumble in the washing machine and dryer to get that crinkly-soft goodness before it goes to its new home.

and the small Hushabye diaper bag that goes with the 2 Hushabye filmstrip baby quilts (stay tuned for pictures - the pink one is back from the quilter and just needs binding, and the aqua one is at the quilter as I type).  The diaper bag was made using this free pattern from Moda's Bake Shop.  The instructions left a little to be desired, but with a little reading, re-reading, thinking, and ad-libbing, it was done.  It is a really cute bag and worth the effort.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Breath of Warmth

I finished putting the binding on the Stacked Drachmae quilt, and yesterday picked up 2 more quilts that were ready at the quilter.  Pictures of them are waiting until they are bound.  I'm mulling over creating an Etsy shop because I've been making more quilts and am no sure what to do with them.  All the baby quilts have been made that are needed for any upcoming baby showers I know about...hmmm.  Have any of you had any experience with selling on Etsy - looked through their information and it seems easy enough (?).  Anyway - go ahead and dream of warm blue Mediterranean waters, white-washed houses, cloudless blue skies, and whatever other Greek Island dreams you wish to have :)


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