Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Days

First, a finished top and backing.  This one is called Stacked Drachmae.  Yes, I'm aware that the official Greek currency is now the Euro, but Euro sounds so sanitized and the distinctive culture of Greece isn't captured in the Euro.  This quilt captures the vibrance and richness of Santorini because the focal fabric does it so well - all I did is throw in the Sunflower Kona Cotton - Yiamas!

2/1/2010 - wow the color is way off in this picture - the yellow is a nice bright buttery yellow - not a greenish yellow.

I also finished the sunflower Cour de Chateau (Courtyard) top.  This was an attempt to turn some country-ish fabric into a quilt that looks more Provence.  I think the sunflower fabric I used for the border was a bit too much, but since I wasn't wild about the fabrics, I wasn't about to go out and buy something else.  I'm not thrilled with it, but it is what it is.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not so Fast

I did all that cutting over the last 2 nights to make 4 filmstrip quilts, so did I start sewing today?  Heck no.  I took the dog to the vet, ran to Vero Beach to pick up my new eyeglasses that had been ready since Christmas, then to the other end of the county to drop off the 1800's Blended Quilt to be quilted.  I was ravenous when I got home - it was almost 2 pm.  I had a late lunch and thought, "hmmm - what now?"  I looked at the kitchen island at all the cut up fabric, but didn't have the Kona Cotton to go with it yet.  I packed all the strips and squares into an Art bin and then decided to cut up 2 Santorini charm packs that will go nicely with some Kona Cotton in Sunflower that I do have.  I think this will be a cute stacked coins quilt when it is done.

I just love these colors!

8:30 pm update - Rats! My iron just died so I can't finish ironing these strips (only had 2 left) grrrrr.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mass Cutting

I've been wanting to make some filmstrip quilts out of a couple of layer cakes and determined that I could get two quilts from each layer cake.  So last night I cut up the Hushabye layer cake and tonight I went after the Odyssea layer cake.  Thank goodness for the June Tailor Shape Cut - it made quick work of all that fabric.  I'm not sure whether I'm going to use the filmstrip layout or this layout though - sometimes I just have to make the blocks and then play around with them to figure it out. 

The Hushabye fabric will be made into a baby girl quilt using the pinks, greens, and browns, and a baby boy quilt using the aquas, greens, and browns.

The Odyssea layer cake will be made into two gender-neutral baby quilts perhaps by pairing it with Kona Cotton Sand (maybe not - I haven't decided for sure yet).

Here's what the kitchen island looks like tonight - how satisfying :o)  Now I can't wait to start the assembly line.

Tomorrow the 1800's Blended quilt is going to the quilter - I also finished the backing for that tonight.  It's all pressed and hanging over the ironing board so I won't forget about it tomorrow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Schizophrenic or Manic?

That's the question of the day?  Maybe manic because I sewed like a madwoman (what a great weekend!)  I was up at 5:30 this morning, and at my sewing machine with a cup of coffee by 6:00.  I sewed all day long except for about 2 hours (thank God for 6:00 pm Mass on Sunday night - I didn't get dressed today until 5:15 pm). 

I got all the piecing completed for the top of a quilt that will be called "Coeur de ch√Ęteau".  Last year (or maybe the year before that) I bought some Maywood Studio Full Sun fabric to make a quilt for my brother's significant other, but then found out that he "assumed" she liked sunflowers because her kitchen curtains had sunflowers on them.  He's a guy (a loveable one for sure) - what can I say though?  Needless to say, she really does not like sunflowers, so what was I going to do with this fabric? 

My house is full of modern art - I'm not into the blue goose country stuff.  So - I found a coordinate that looks like a foulard print and a striped print.  I thought to myself, "Hmmm, maybe I can get something sort of Provence out of this fabric - they do grow sunflowers in France after all."  I still have to put the borders on, but I didn't proceed because it meant changing the thread color in my machine - I know, it's a really lame excuse, but I'm sticking to it today *grin*

I have a black/espresso tone on tone for the inner border and then a large sunflower print for the outer border.  The jury's still out on the outer border fabric, but since I have it and can't imagine using it anywhere else, it will probably have to do.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my best friend and quilting buddy and I were going to work on an 1800's blended quilt at our three day sewing weekend?  Well, we started them, but did not finish, so I finished the top today.  This is where the schizophrenic part of the question comes in?  Like I said, I have a house that is very modern, I just joined the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, so what am I ever going to do with this quilt?  It is very pretty, but definitely not my style.  It's very Victorian looking - oh well, time will tell - it was a fun project in any case.

I'll publish pics of these when they're all done and quilted, unless they come and take me away, ha ha he he....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Second 2010 Finish

This is another quilt that was almost finished in 2009.  It is a raggy flannel quilt that incorporates all of Em's old receiving blankets and assorted flannels to fill in.  It wound up 64" x 74" after my very smart best friend and quilting buddy told me that I should really add borders to it so that the raggy edges are not along the outside of the quilt.  This should prevent them from tearing under the strain that I expect Em to put this quilt through.  I picked up the pink rubber ducky fabric for the borders last weekend and washed and dried it since it's flannel.  So, I made the borders, sewed them on, and ragged the inner edges of the borders tonight *whew*  I can't wait to give it to Em - it is so soft and with all the raggy seams, it is like a cloud.  As usual, I finished it at night (just a couple of minutes ago) and so the picture is a little dark.

Update: Saturday January 23rd  Here's a picture of the quilt in the daylight

Have a great weekend and happy sewing!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First 2010 Finish

I left a clue at the top of my blog - it's the stacked coins quilt that is my first 2010 finish. I wound up just doing some straight vertical line quilting.  I wanted to try free motion quilting for this one, but I chickened out since I used the same solid ochre Kona Cotton on the back that I used for the sashing on the front.  I need to use some really busy fabric when I venture out into the world of free motion quilting so my mistakes won't stick out like a sore thumb.

I really, really like this Moda Panache fabric, and best of all each charm pack was only $3.99 when I picked them up - what a sweet deal!  I bought 4 of them *sigh*

Now, having shown this quilt, I have to mention Crazy Mom Quilts because her blog provided both the inspiration and the instructions for making this quilt.  I really miss her posts, but I certainly understand how much time blogging can consume (especially when you accomplish the quilting feats she does!)

We had a great quilting weekend a couple of weeks ago and now I've got two more projects in various stages of completeness - or incompleteness (in addition to several I already had going).  I hope everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying 2010 so far.  Happy quilting!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year - Brrrrrr!

I can't believe how cold it is - this is Florida - it's not supposed to be in the 20's!  The pugs are definitely wishing they lived in a house the wasn't all tiled, see?  They are laying in their soft fuzzy bed covered with the doggy quilt, which is on top of their LL Bean bed which is on top of an orthopedic bed covered in a towel. 

I don't have a lot to show for my time off during the Christmas break, but I did finish putting together a raggy flannel quilt for Em.  I used all her receiving blankets from when she was an infant and some other flannels to fill in.  It wound up 60" x 70" which is a really nice sized quilt.  I still have to do the snipping and send it through the washing machine and dryer to make it raggy.

I made her dolly, Myrtle, one too :o)  This one's been snipped, washed, and dried.  It is soooo soft and cuddly.

Taking Friday off of work for a 3-day sewing weekend.  My best friend and quilting buddy and I are both making an 1800's blended quilt - I'm so excited!  Hopefully, I'll have something new to post next week.  These are the fabrics we're using.  Most of them are pretty ugly, but they'll look great when they are put together with the pattern we're using (I hope).

I started a new job, so my posting may be a little erratic for awhile until I figure things out.  Happy sewing!