Friday, November 26, 2010

A Long Time Coming

First off...A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since the beginning of the month.  It's been a very busy one, and to be honest, a stressful one.  Things at work are crazy, and I'm exhausted. 

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, but I'm always stunned at the time and effort that goes into Thanksgiving dinner and before you know it, everyone has eaten and left.  It's amazing.  I finished the last of the clean up this morning and then decided I was going to do some sewing. 

So today is "black Friday" - the beginning of the hellish commercialized frenzy that is the "Holiday Season." I believe in celebrating the Christmas Season, and I'm having no part of this holiday madness.  The television is off, the CD player is on and I finished putting the Bali Moons table runner top together.  I'm really glad that I made it a little shorter - it is plenty big enough as it is.  Here is a picture of it on the kitchen island.

I think I may quilt this with wavy horizontal lines because it would be easy to do and similar to the whispy clouds that sometimes partially obscure the full moon :)

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