Sunday, September 26, 2010

Putting things in perspective

I spent most of this weekend seething, crying, and generally feeling sorry for my poor self.  I posted about the hassle with the car last Thursday.  Friday the saga continued as I dropped the car off at the auto body shop and picked up a rental car.  It was raining.  It was hot.  I'm so tired of hot and humid.

Friday night I was on the computer and all of a sudden I get a "Microsoft Security Essentials Alert" pop up telling me I have a Unknown Win32 trojan virus.  I couldn't do anything.  No internet.  No Task Manager.  I was livid - seething - so mad all I could do is cry.  I stayed up until after midnight fussing with the computer to no avail.

Saturday morning I machine sewed the binding on the second Slide Show quilt and headed over to my best friend and quilting buddy's house and spent most of the day over there doing the hand sewing.  We had a nice time, but I was weepy while I was over there and when my mother called I was short and snappy (in a bad way).

This morning I was wondering if I needed some medication for depression.  I finished hand sewing the binding on the quilt, but couldn't get the computer virus taken care of, so I was still weepy and angry.  Finally, I turned off the stereo because it was irritating me, sat down on the couch, and took a couple of deep breaths.  Then it dawned on me - I got perspective. 

First of all, the car and the computer are not essential for survival - in reality, they are necessary to maintain my lifestyle, but not for my survival.  My pity party and anger just dissipated when I realized that my well fed duff is parked on a comfy sofa in an air conditioned house, I have a kitchen with refrigerated food, clean water, and I have a healthy family.  If I were a mother in Pakistan in 118 degree heat in a refugee camp watching my children fall ill or worse, then I would have something to be angry and cry about.  Good grief - I am so blessed to have the kinds of inconveniences (not problems) that I have.  So, the pity party came to a quick halt and I quickly said a prayer of thanksgiving for this perspective.

...and obviously, the whole computer issue is fixed.  Tonight I simply downloaded the files I needed onto the
Blackberry, plugged it into the computer and transferred the fix to my desktop.  That's how the virus got cleared up.  Going to bed tonight with a happy heart and knowing that I am truly blessed :)

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  1. What a good reminder Mary, we take so much for granted and forget just how good we've got it - we all need to adjust our focus sometimes. I'm glad you were able to fix your computer. And that your heart is happy!