Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ladybug Population Explosion

This is what was left

after making thirteen of these

When I finished adding the sides and tops to the blocks, I couldn't wait to lay them out as they will be in the quilt with some of the nine patch blocks I made probably a year ago *blushing*

I am a terrible procrastinator.

If you looked at the pattern shown in yesterday's post (here), you will notice that I omitted the red from the nine patch block centers.  Instead, I chose this adorable print for the centers.  I also used only green batik prints for the other eight patches in the blocks.  I think not adding other colors into the mix makes them more appealing.

In my opinion, having red centers for the nine patch blocks competes with the red in the ladybugs.  I like this fabric a lot better.  Now there is nothing competing with the ladybugs as the focus of the quilt.

On a totally different subject, Alsley will be fourteen this Thursday...Fourteen!  Where has the time gone?  It seems to have evaporated.  He is the best dog ever and I tell him so everyday when I give him his breakfast.


  1. Oh that is so stinkin' cute - love the fabric you used for the centers, I do like it better than the red. Happy Birthday Alsley!

  2. That quilt is gorgeous! Happy Birthday, Alsley!
    He is a sweetie!

  3. This is so cute...I hope I remember it later on. I like it better without the red, also.