Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The start of something new (and girly)

This was going to be a wordless Wednesday post, but you all know how that goes...

This is the beginning of two quilts being made using a half yard fabric bundle I picked up from Fabricworm a couple months ago.  I decided to start cutting the fabric up last night.  Now let me tell you something important here.  I should be banned from ever even thinking about picking up a rotary cutter at night - especially after a very busy day spent with a three year old sweetie pie who never stops moving.

See the cute red fabric on the left?  It is called Christmas Cheery Circles by Riley Blake - you'll understand in a minute how ironic this name is.  Well, I cut a couple of 2-inch strips and an 8-inch strip following the pattern instructions, and then noticed that it stated that I would need to cut an extra 2-inch strip from a couple of the fabrics.  Since I really liked the red, I decided that I'd cut one of the extra strips from this fabric.  I grabbed the ruler and sliced off the 2-inch strip (smiling to myself because I'm just so clever), put it down with the other strips and turned around.  My heart sank.  I had cut the 2-inch strip off of the 8-inch strip I needed, not the extra remaining fabric. 

Do the math with me and see why I wanted to kick my own butt into tomorrow.  2" + 2" + 2" + 6" (the 8" strip minus the 2" I sliced off) = 12" which left me with a remaining strip of fabric about 6" wide.  Guess what I ordered today?  Another half yard of Christmas Cheery Circles, so I can get my 8" strip.  Guess who's not feeling all that "cheery" about this development *sigh*.

To make matters worse, do you seriously think I could just order a half yard of fabric for $4.25 and pay $5.50 in shipping?  I didn't think so.  I also ordered a yard of Monaluna Organic Monaco Scooters and a half yard of the coordinating stripe.  Don't you think these two fabrics will make a really cute pillowcase dress for Em for next summer?

Just my little attempt to make lemonade out of lemons...


  1. Mary those fabrics are gorgeous, can't wait to see the quilts! Love the fabric on the right.
    BTDT on the cutting at night - but you did good making lemonade out of lemons, I love that little scooter fabric for Em's dress! Very fun and summery!

  2. Oh, my. You so sound like me....I do know better than to start something when I am worn out, but every now and then I break my own rule and do something just like this....I am not laughing at you...I am laughing with you.

    And why pay $??amount of shipping for one little fabric when you can pay the same amount and get more???