Saturday, August 21, 2010

Southern S.A.D.

Yes, it's mid-August in FL and I'm in a funk.  Everyday the weather forecast is exactly the same - hot and sticky.  Ever since May my clothes have been damp, my eyeglasses fogged, and sweat has been running down my neck every time I think about going outside.  So all you folks in the great white North at the end of February get a great deal of press regarding Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I'm here to tell you that despite living in the "Sunshine State" we too suffer from S.A.D. only it hits us around mid-August when we realize that we've still got at least two months of h*llishly hot weather still to come.  It's depressing.  We leave the air conditioning only to go out when absolutely necessary, our drapes are closed and we sit in our darkened homes pining for the first cool front.  The weather people down here are the worst - they talk about a cool front coming through when the temps will only be in the upper 80's.  Most of us 50-something year old women are dreaming of a real cool front which, with any luck, may arrive sometime in October.  I dream of being outside and my eyeglasses not steaming up and my hairline actually staying dry - I don't remember that feeling *sigh*

Well...this is a quilting blog so this is what I've been working on in my dark, air conditioned home :)

One night last week, I needed to sew and decided to try my hand at a selvage lanyard for my work badge.  It was a prototype of sorts.

My next one will be 1" wide rather than 1/2" because the slide buckles that are sold at Wal-Mart are 1" wide and since you might be able to hang a car from this and it wouldn't break, for safety reasons it really should have a quick release mechanism.  I opted for one of those things with the retractable string for this one.  I'll definitely make more of these.

The other thing I have been working on is two baby girl quilts.  I got all the pieced strips assembled

So I've been playing with the layout

Of course, that led to sewing rows together for one of the tops

I'd like to get both tops assembled and backings made before the end of this weekend.  I'd also like to win Power Ball - chances of me finishing all this before the weekend is over are about the same as winning Power Ball.


  1. Oh can I relate with the heat - I lived in Dallas and Savannah GA with no a/c. Of course, I wasn't 50 with hot flashes at the time. I'd NEVER survive today. I really love FL, and I think it's probably bearable unless there's a hurricane - I have a friend who went two months without electricity after a bad one.
    I LOVE your lanyard! Oh you clever girl. And I love the quilts - that fabric is beyond cute! The layout you have going is excellent. Very pleasing to the eye.
    I'm wishing you luck in the Mega-Ball!

  2. I am going to absolutely love the baby quilt(s)--are you making them alike? I made two just alike a year or two ago. I don't want to do that again...

  3. I concur about the heat (my hair is dripping wet by the time I get to work - I can't even imagine it being as long as yours)and the quilts (I love the pattern - that would be a really good one for Kayla's picture quilt for going to college. There are lots of pics that are small that are not going to enlarge very well. That would be perfect! Can you share please? I'll need to make a full size to fit all the pictures she wants in it.) and the lanyard (Can I put in an order)! Just let me know when you're ready to go to the shop to drop them off - I'm game :)