Sunday, August 8, 2010


Finally!  This baby sized snapshots quilt is done.  It is a fairly large baby quilt at 48" x 56" - a good size though for some tummy time.  Notice that I also finally figured out how to use the timer on my camera so I am actually able to hold a quilt up myself for a picture instead of clipping it to the fence. I used my Gorillapod to secure the camera to a foldable dryer rack, set the timer, and voila'!  I can't say enough about how much I love the Gorillapod - it is more than a tripod - you can attach it to just about anything and snap a nice stable shot.

The first post about this quilt was June 9th.  The Snapshots pattern is from Atkinson Designs Happy Hour book which is full of really fabulous and easy patterns.  This one was so much fun.  I'm already dreaming of making one in batiks. 

I got sidetracked from this project because of the surgery on my finger and the other various sewing projects associated with Em's 3rd birthday, but the baby this quilt was made for is due any time now, so I knew I had to get going on it.  The quilting was done using mostly straight lines following the outlines of the large blocks.  Two-inch masking tape helped to keep the quilting as straight and even as possible.  The expecting couple chose not to know the baby's gender before he or she arrives.  I'm afraid that this quilt is very "boyish" with all the blues and browns.  Luckily babies don't think about whether something is girlish or boyish, but I hope if they have a little girl that the parents will still like this.

It was so exciting to find the backing fabric on clearance for $3.99/yard, Sew Easy as 1-2-3 by RJR (wish I had bought ten yards)!  I'm always on the lookout for good bargains for backing fabric that has lots of colors and is somewhat generic for children's quilts - polka dots, stripes, geometrics, etc.  This one worked out so well in that the colors in the backing coordinated beautifully with the Kaufman Playday fabrics.   It's so nice when that happens :)

Please excuse the weird color in this picture - darn incandescent lighting!


  1. Mary this is GORGEOUS - I have that book and haven't made anything yet, I still need to find some fabrics that coordinate. Your backing fabric is just perfect for this! I think it will be fine for a boy or a girl. Lovely quilt!

  2. I'm looking for a simple quilt to make. This looks like just two different blocks with the smaller block inside turned to the horizontal or vertical - is that true?