Friday, August 27, 2010

Got My Sewjo Back

I came home from work tonight and went on a sewing tear.  I finished putting together the second slide show quilt top and the two quilt backs.  I had to piece the backs in order to have enough excess fabric for the long arm.  Fortunately, I had plenty of pieced strips and blocks left over to use.  Isn't it great when left over blocks can be incorporated into the quilt backing, so you don't wind up with a bunch of orphans?  I never know what to do with them.  What do you do with yours?

I might drop these quilts off to be quilted this weekend :) 


  1. Mary, you do have your "sewjo" going on!!! Love that backing fabric. Sometimes I use the extra blocks on the back, but too many times they are left orphans ;-)

  2. What beautiful backings, Mary! I never seem to have orphan blocks - I guess I hate piecing enough to not make any extra, lol. If I'm making a big quilt, I put the blocks on the design wall as I go, so I can see how many I've made - call me a lazy quilter! I think orphan blocks would make good potholders or placemats, gee maybe I should be making extra, then when I'm done with the quilt I'd have a head start on some gifts. If the quilts are for a baby gift, you could also make bibs or burp cloths out of the extra blocks.

  3. I've been trying to use up my scraps and leftover blocks for a couple of years now. I try to put them on the back, and if there is any fabric or blocks left over, I put them into a doll quilt. I remember the days when I wished I had more scraps so I could make scrap quilts, so it is hard for me to use the fabric all up, but I really need to. I have plenty of scraps from my scrap saving days!