Friday, July 16, 2010

A sick sense of humor

Yes, sometimes I have a very warped sense of humor.  Take today for instance - after seeing that 25 years of love was showing on Myrtle, I decided she needed a bath before Em's party.  The new dress really accentuated her filthiness (the same problem with painting the walls in a room making the carpeting look old and dirty). 

This is where the twisted sense of humor comes in...
Remember Paul Simon's song, "Slip Sliding Away"????  Every time I hear that song from now on, this is the image that will come to mind *sigh*

I hope you're not scarred for life after viewing this picture

Sick AND twisted!

On a not-so-sick-and-twisted note, I finished Em's pillowcase dress this morning.


  1. You are so funny :) Those dresses are just too cute. Could you show me how to make them? I'd love to make one for Kayla's little sisters. They're about 3T.
    I miss your smiling face at work :)Let me know next time you head to Rockledge I'll go and we can hang out for a while and maybe pick up some lunch.
    Oh, and by the way, I think I'll only be scarred for a week or so ;)

  2. When I had my first cabbage patch doll 25 years ago my mom would hang the washed, naked doll on the clothes line by its pigtails to dry. That image is stuck in my mind forever!

  3. LOL!!!! You are too funny! Glad to know the dolls can be washed, I'm sure my mum has never tried...and I shudder to think what shape they're in. The matching dresses are so darling!