Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A present for Myrtle

Remember the post about pillowcase dresses?  These things are addictive, especially when you have a two (almost three) year old granddaughter.  This dress is for Myrtle - my youngest daughter's Cabbage Patch doll that now belongs to Em.  I just need to get hold of Myrtle for a few minutes when sweetie pie isn't looking so I can determine where to put the velcro on the ribbon for Myrtle's shoulders.  Naturally, there's a matching dress in the works for Em too. 

Not only are these dresses easy schmeasy, but they can easily go from a dress one summer to a top for another summer (or two) of use.  I used this pattern.  I would suggest a couple of modifications.  Instead of making a bias strip to make a curved casing for the ribbon at the neckline, I just folded the top edge of the dress over to make a self-casing.  The only thing to keep in mind if you do this, is that you should cut your armholes an extra 1.25" deep to compensate for the length lost when folding the top edge over to make the casing.

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  1. That's so cute - but I tell you if I tried to make one, I'd still end up with three armholes, lol!