Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's definitely one of the reasons I got into blogging - I found so much inspiration when I'd take the time and go browsing through quilting blogs. 

I ordered a half yard bundle of fabric from Fabricworm because I love the Heather Ross Far Far Away fabrics, but really couldn't see making an entire quilt with them.  First of all the fabric is heavy and we are in Florida, and second I can't afford buy scads of it.  So when I saw this one

I just about flipped - it is perfect!  It includes Heather Ross' Rapunzel and the Owl and the Pussycat.  The Denyse Schmidt and Anna Maria Horner fabrics are wonderful - I love the colors.  I'm waiting for the Sleeping Beauty in Plum to come in too.  Em loves Sleeping Beauty and the plum color will go very nicely with these fabrics.

When the fabric bundle arrived, I started to panic - how in the world was I going to put these together in a quilt?  Here's where browsing blogs and finding inspiration comes into play.  I saw this quilt that Ashley from Film In the Fridge posted on her blog - how perfect.  This quilt is so beautiful, and even though I don't have all the Heather Ross fabrics she has incorporated into it, I think the fabrics from this bundle will look very nice in a lattice quilt like this.  All the quilts Ashley makes are so fabulous and I love the way she photographs them too.

Then I was browsing around in various online fabric shops (very dangerous indeed) and ran across Castle Peeps - oh my!  How could I possibly resist making a couple of pillowcases for Em to go with the quilt? The colors are perfect, in real life.  They look a bit off in this picture because it was taken under incandescent lighting.

Pillowcases fit for a princess :)


  1. LOVE that fabric - I agree, surfing is the best way to find inspiration! I did that when I was trying to figure out a pattern for the Sis Boom fabrics, and found the perfect one. LOVE blogland!

  2. Beautiful fabrics - I think they will look good in a lattice quilt.