Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Finished Back

I got up this morning bright and early thanks to Mr. Barky Barky I Need To Go Out (this is him in his natural state - when he was a young stud)

so I brewed a nice strong pot of coffee and put on a Diana Krall CD called, "The Look of Love" (her versions of Cry Me a River and Dancing in the Dark are awesome).  I looked over at the dining room table at the fabric all laid out for the Snapshot quilt backing and decided to go for it.  I found myself getting seriously bummed yesterday - sewing withdrawal.  I did watch three movies, including "All The President's Men" which I had never seen.  Attempting to put together the backing made sense because I didn't have to do any serious cutting - I had cut all the pieces before my surgery.  It felt so good to sit down at the sewing machine, and check out how well the pieced center strip matched up - it's a miracle!  It needs to be pressed, but I can't lift the iron yet with my right hand, and am seriously clutzy using my left (that's why any rotary cutting and pressing have to wait - it's just not worth the risk - lol)

My next project is to correct the set up of my camera date - I must have am & pm mixed up because I noticed that the camera has yesterday's date in the morning and the correct date in the afternoon.  Here is a picture I took a couple days ago - the orchids are in bloom.

I almost forgot...I finished the binding on the Strip Tube Quilt too...see?

It is a large queen size quilt that was done completely in batiks and quilted in a swirly pattern.  Here's a close up of the quilting - complete with a stray thread that needs to be pulled off *sigh*.

I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!


  1. Well good for you - how are you healing? Still have the bandage on? You did an amazing job on that backing, Mary. Lovely orchid - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that batik quilt!

  2. Oh honestly, that is just beautiful. I don't quilt - I may have said that a million times or two :) But I do paint and those are the colors I always use - it's sort of funny actually. I would use only those probably except I feel I should use others just because...sometimes :)