Saturday, June 5, 2010

Progress :)

I did a lot of running around this morning and didn't get home until around 2:00 pm.  I dropped three quilts off at the quilter so I've temporarily cleared the dining room table and one of the beds :)

I got right to work quilting the fabric for the bottom of the bag.  I thought a lot about how to quilt it so that the quilting would "go" with the top, but still be different.  I decided on just random wavy lines going horizontally.  Below is a picture showing a bag front and another showing the batting side where you can see the quilting a little better.
Hmmm...It's looking a little University of Miami-ish right now (the UM Hurricanes' colors are green and orange), but I'm going to fix that.  Just wait and see :)

I will say that I modified the pattern to eliminate the vertical seam in the middle of the bag front and back - I think that one seam is enough.  Adding a vertical seam just for the sake of putting a seam in the middle of the bag just didn't appeal to me.  You can see what the "as designed" bag looks like here

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