Sunday, May 23, 2010

The thing about working with white... (repost)

Sorry - had to repost this due to spammer comments, so comment moderation is back on.

This morning I hopped up dragged my sorry behind out of bed at 5:00 because Alsley needed to go out. He starts out whimpering, then progresses to whining and fluffing the vertical blinds *clak, clak, clak*, and if that doesn't get me out of bed, he stands next to the bed and barks (and barks, and barks...) So I let him out, made a pot of coffee, sat down with the computer, and visited another 50 Blogger's Quilt Festival entries. Then I decided that it was time to get cracking and finish 80 square in a square blocks that were half finished. The only problem that quickly became apparent was that I was using Kona Snow and this was my ironing board cover. Can you say, "ewwww?"

Do you know what happens when the iron drops one drop of water onto your nice white Kona Snow when your ironing board cover is about a year overdue for a change? You're left with a water spot that is edged in yellowy brown - yuck! When I pulled this cover off, the batting I used to cover the top of the ironing board (under the cover) was permanently attached to the cover. I keep spare muslin covers on hand, but for some reason I let this one go way beyond it's useful life.

Much better!

I finished the 80 blocks now I'm going back to visiting more Blogger's Quilt Festival entries. Happy browsing!


  1. Ooh, your Odyssea blocks are gorgeous! The white really brings out the deep colors in this line.