Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One top done...

I really like daylight savings time because I have time to snap a picture even when I finish something in the evening (like I generally do).  I finished one of the two Odyssea quilt tops using the filmstrip layout from Crazy Mom Quilts - I don't think I'll ever get tired of this layout for square in a square blocks.

Speaking of blocks - I'm a blockhead!  Remember, how I mentioned that I made 80 blocks, well...I only needed 60 *sigh*  It wouldn't be so embarrassing if this was the first time I had ever made these quilts, but it isn't *blushing*  Oh well, I may whip up a couple of matching burp cloths or changing pads with the leftovers.  Hmmm - maybe even experiment with cutting the blocks somehow and seeing what happens.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love this pattern...yes, it is also on my list. I've got Odyssea already earmarked for another project, but now seeing yours...hmmm! Thanks and congrats on a great quilt.

  2. Oh so pretty! I love this pattern too. Since you got the extra blocks made, you can go ahead and make something with them - a changing pad sounds awesome!

  3. I meant to tell you that I love the quilts in your header...

  4. Hi. I am your newest fan! You are an amazing woman! I looked, albeit quickly, through your entire blog as I wait for a friend to arrive and I am still trying to get through the Exhibition! Anyway, I love your choices in fabrics and patterns and i think more people should know about you and comment! That is my hand full of henna on the right under followers! I'm so excited to have found you!!