Sunday, May 30, 2010

Better than a finished top

Two :)

I also finished the backing for the strip tube quilt - 106" x 106" - Glad to have that finished, now I just have to figure out a way to pay to have it quilted *grin*

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day and take time to remember all who are serving our country (and their families who are missing them) and all the servicemen and women who died doing so.  My dad was career Air Force and served in the Signal Corps in Paris during WWII, Okinawa during the Korean War, and also two tours in Viet Nam.  We were very lucky and grateful that he survived without physical harm, but I'm sure he was affected by the things he saw.  He died from cancer in 1988.  He loved his country, was a staunch conservationist and lover of nature, and was happiest in his garden or working outside in the yard.  

It was interesting to watch him try to catch spiders in the house to release them outdoors because he was terrified of them.  He would catch them by putting a glass over them and then sliding a piece of paper between the glass and the wall.  However, one time he was trying to catch one of those scary looking big furry wolf spiders (they are harmless, but don't look it), and it jumped - he fell off the step stool trying to get away from it and ran down the hall, hands flailing around his head the whole time.  Of course, kids being kids, we thought it was hilarious!  Darn kids!


  1. Mary - these quilts are GORGEOUS!!! I love them! I must make one like this. Love love love!

    That's funny about your dad - I'm terrified of spiders too, I'd be running down the hall with him! I don't know what I'll do when my boys leave home, they're my spider-killers. I'll never forget finding a daddy-long-legs hiding in my shirt one time.