Thursday, May 6, 2010


Aaaannnticipaaaaation is making me wait - LOL!  I have that Carly Simon song running through my brain as I'm waiting for two packages to arrive at my house.  First is the Anna Maria Horner voile I blogged about last time.  The tunic pattern I chose is Simplicity #3786 View A using the voile.  I picked the pattern up at Joann's last night - 40% off (I can't believe how expensive sewing patterns have become, can you?). 

The second package is a pattern for a wall hanging quilt that I could probably have figured out on my own, but I had to have it because I am in love with the fabric color combinations.  I don't have a single art quilt (or any other kind of quilt) hanging up in my house.  I am partial to modern art, and even though the blocks in this pattern are traditional blocks, the overall effect is abstract and faaaaaabulous!  It's called Marmalade and Jam.

Oh my!  I almost forgot - I have to tell you all how much I love PowerPoint!  Using PowerPoint, I was able to "try on" some different border options using a picture of the batik strip tube quilt top and an image of the Hoffman Kiwiberry Bali Pop set.  While the scale and colors in the Bali Pop images that I used for this mock up differ from the appearance of the colors and scale of the quilt top image (the bali pop strips for the piano keys appear brighter and much thinner in the image I used than they actually would be), I like the way this looks.  Of all the options, a dark, dark violet inner border gives enough of a break between the quilt top and the piano keys so that they don't compete too much with the top.  I was afraid that piano key borders would be way too busy.  Here is the PowerPoint mock up (almost like having a virtual design wall - lol). What do you think?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yes, that is a wonderful pattern! I just stocked the shop with them!

  2. Oh Mary I LOVE that top - I'm going to look for it next time I go to Joann's! I love the quilt pattern you're ordering, is it a kit? It is BEAUTIFUL, and very modern.
    I love the piano keys on your quilt. You're right, the inner border is just enough, and it's going to be wonderful. Who knew you could do that with Power Point - that's great!

  3. I luv that second Quilt...My To-do list is getting longer...LOL!