Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reminiscing *sigh*

When my two girlies were little girlies, I used to make a lot (most) of their clothes, and my all time favorite pattern was a reversible apron top that criss crossed in the back and bloomers or shorts.  I used to make their outfits out of ginghams, seersucker, or light cottons because we lived in northeast Texas and had no air conditioning in our house - yes, that's right - no air conditioning and it was very, very hot and humid there.  So, anyway, I was in Joann's the other day to pick up some thread with a 40% off coupon and figured I'd mosey over to the pattern books and just take a look through them.  I ran across a pattern for the exact same top and shorts!  So...I picked up two different seersucker fabrics (one of them perfect for her birthday) and got to work today.  See?

Obviously the picture shows the back of the top - I have enough of the purple with white polka dot seersucker to make a of matching pair shorts too.  I bought some of Deb Strain's Love U fabric (green with little owls -too cute!) at our LQS to make another of the same outfit that will be reversible to an orange and yellow Hawaiian print.

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  1. How darling!!! I lived in Dallas for five years without a/c - yes, very hot and humid! But that was before hot flashes entered my life, and I loved it.