Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Breath of Warmth

I finished putting the binding on the Stacked Drachmae quilt, and yesterday picked up 2 more quilts that were ready at the quilter.  Pictures of them are waiting until they are bound.  I'm mulling over creating an Etsy shop because I've been making more quilts and am no sure what to do with them.  All the baby quilts have been made that are needed for any upcoming baby showers I know about...hmmm.  Have any of you had any experience with selling on Etsy - looked through their information and it seems easy enough (?).  Anyway - go ahead and dream of warm blue Mediterranean waters, white-washed houses, cloudless blue skies, and whatever other Greek Island dreams you wish to have :)


and Back


  1. Oh that is so lovely!!! I'd love to be in Greece right now. Anywhere but in the cold north, lol.

    I haven't tried etsy - thought about it a lot, but haven't made anything!

  2. Mary, your finished quilt is beautiful. Such a pretty picture of it taken outside. I have no experience with Etsy other than purchasing items from Craft Hope for Haiti. Good luck with that!