Friday, February 12, 2010

hmmm - let's talk

Compost!  and quilting (of course)

First - compost.  Having grown up in New England and lived in East Texas where you could grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables, I was shocked when I first moved to Florida.  The soil is sandy and doesn't provide a lot of nutrition for plants.  The climate varies between arid during the cool season from about December through April and goes from desert-like heat with humidity and no rain to monsoons during the hot part of the year. 

When I lived in Texas, I had a garden that was 75' x 150' feet and I grew just about all our vegetables.  The soil there was red clay and I learned from the locals about composting (we were out in the middle of nowhere and didn't even have trash pick up), so composting was not only a good way to reuse, but also a way to enhance the quality of the produce I grew. 

So - here I am in FL and happened to find out that the local government provides free compost bins, so about ten years ago, I started back in.  Unfortunately, the bin isn't the best - I really prefer one that can be turned by rolling, this one has to be manually turned, so it gets neglected a lot and it's also not in the best location.  It really should have been placed closer to the house so I wouldn't have to go all the way across the yard to use it.  Anyway - this morning I turned it because we're supposed to get some rain which will help the composting process along.

Now for quilting - this is a quilting blog after all.  This is what I want to accomplish this weekend:
  1. Sew the aqua hushabye blocks together and make the backing - Friday night - 7:15 p.m. - DONE!
  2. Make the binding and sew it on the 1800s blended quilt - just machine sew it on - I'll save the hand sewing for picking up here and there. - Friday night - 7:15 p.m. - DONE!
  3. Pin and maybe even quilt the Bug and the Stacked Drachmae quilts
We'll see how it goes...

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  1. I am also a quilter/composter, hehe! I bought a double side,tumbler style from Mantis and love, love, love it! I bought it last June and have already made 6 huge batches of the richest dirt ever. Our soil here in eastern NC is sandy and nutrient poor. My trees have been loving their new "dirt" that I spread around their base. I also have been using it in the yard and my grass has improved so much. I shred all our junk mail and it is used as my "browns" and all our veggie scraps are the "greens". Also coffee grinds, tea bags, and egg shells make a wonderful addition. Our trash output has been lowered to 1/2 a trash bag a week because of composting.

    Glad to read I am not the only one!

    Happy Quilting and composting!