Friday, January 22, 2010

Second 2010 Finish

This is another quilt that was almost finished in 2009.  It is a raggy flannel quilt that incorporates all of Em's old receiving blankets and assorted flannels to fill in.  It wound up 64" x 74" after my very smart best friend and quilting buddy told me that I should really add borders to it so that the raggy edges are not along the outside of the quilt.  This should prevent them from tearing under the strain that I expect Em to put this quilt through.  I picked up the pink rubber ducky fabric for the borders last weekend and washed and dried it since it's flannel.  So, I made the borders, sewed them on, and ragged the inner edges of the borders tonight *whew*  I can't wait to give it to Em - it is so soft and with all the raggy seams, it is like a cloud.  As usual, I finished it at night (just a couple of minutes ago) and so the picture is a little dark.

Update: Saturday January 23rd  Here's a picture of the quilt in the daylight

Have a great weekend and happy sewing!


  1. Mary I love this so much - what a great gift! I always fnish my stuff at night too, wonder why we do that!

  2. Really pretty Mary. I'm with Allie as far as finishing things at night.