Sunday, January 24, 2010

Schizophrenic or Manic?

That's the question of the day?  Maybe manic because I sewed like a madwoman (what a great weekend!)  I was up at 5:30 this morning, and at my sewing machine with a cup of coffee by 6:00.  I sewed all day long except for about 2 hours (thank God for 6:00 pm Mass on Sunday night - I didn't get dressed today until 5:15 pm). 

I got all the piecing completed for the top of a quilt that will be called "Coeur de château".  Last year (or maybe the year before that) I bought some Maywood Studio Full Sun fabric to make a quilt for my brother's significant other, but then found out that he "assumed" she liked sunflowers because her kitchen curtains had sunflowers on them.  He's a guy (a loveable one for sure) - what can I say though?  Needless to say, she really does not like sunflowers, so what was I going to do with this fabric? 

My house is full of modern art - I'm not into the blue goose country stuff.  So - I found a coordinate that looks like a foulard print and a striped print.  I thought to myself, "Hmmm, maybe I can get something sort of Provence out of this fabric - they do grow sunflowers in France after all."  I still have to put the borders on, but I didn't proceed because it meant changing the thread color in my machine - I know, it's a really lame excuse, but I'm sticking to it today *grin*

I have a black/espresso tone on tone for the inner border and then a large sunflower print for the outer border.  The jury's still out on the outer border fabric, but since I have it and can't imagine using it anywhere else, it will probably have to do.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that my best friend and quilting buddy and I were going to work on an 1800's blended quilt at our three day sewing weekend?  Well, we started them, but did not finish, so I finished the top today.  This is where the schizophrenic part of the question comes in?  Like I said, I have a house that is very modern, I just joined the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, so what am I ever going to do with this quilt?  It is very pretty, but definitely not my style.  It's very Victorian looking - oh well, time will tell - it was a fun project in any case.

I'll publish pics of these when they're all done and quilted, unless they come and take me away, ha ha he he....


  1. LOL - I vote both, schizophrenic AND manic! What a great day full of sewing you had. Both the quilts are lovely!