Thursday, January 21, 2010

First 2010 Finish

I left a clue at the top of my blog - it's the stacked coins quilt that is my first 2010 finish. I wound up just doing some straight vertical line quilting.  I wanted to try free motion quilting for this one, but I chickened out since I used the same solid ochre Kona Cotton on the back that I used for the sashing on the front.  I need to use some really busy fabric when I venture out into the world of free motion quilting so my mistakes won't stick out like a sore thumb.

I really, really like this Moda Panache fabric, and best of all each charm pack was only $3.99 when I picked them up - what a sweet deal!  I bought 4 of them *sigh*

Now, having shown this quilt, I have to mention Crazy Mom Quilts because her blog provided both the inspiration and the instructions for making this quilt.  I really miss her posts, but I certainly understand how much time blogging can consume (especially when you accomplish the quilting feats she does!)

We had a great quilting weekend a couple of weeks ago and now I've got two more projects in various stages of completeness - or incompleteness (in addition to several I already had going).  I hope everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying 2010 so far.  Happy quilting!

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  1. Mary that's so beautiful - I MUST try a coin quilt with a sashing other than white! The ochre is outstanding on this. Great job!