Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quick Post

This will probably be the last one until after Christmas. Yesterday I started this baby Warm Wishes for one of my daughters' friends who is expecting a little boy in May. I'm starting a new job that will be very busy, so I'm trying to get ahead over the Christmas break.

and here's a close up

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Postwoman Always Honks Twice

Yep - I got two honks today as I received not one, but two packages containing fabric delivered by our nice mail person - it was a very good day :)

In the first package were a couple of Kona Cotton and other assorted fabrics.  I couldn't wait to lay out the ochre color to see if I had somehow miraculously, sight unseen (except on the Web), achieved the perfect match for the Moda Panache stacked coin strips.  Well, I'll let you all judge for yourselves.  The color I was aiming for is in the bottom coin in the middle strip.

It's not an exact match but it works really well and I think perhaps an exact match could be a little dull.  I'll have to look at everything in the daylight to make a final determination. 

When I opened my other package and pulled out the Poseidon fabric from Moda's Momo Odyssea, I laid it on top of the sable Kona cotton along with a piece of Calypso and it is a good match to the brown color of the fish in the Poseidon fabric (again, not an exact match, but it looks just fine).  See?

I only have three of these fabrics, but I'm thinking about perhaps making a film strip quilt as show in Crazy Mom's tutorial.  I could use the Poseidon (fish) fabric for the patterned center squares and the Calypso fabric that is more psychedelic for the frames.  I'll have to think about it though because I'll need some more variety in the fabrics (isn't that how it always goes? I just need some more fabric for variety, for contrast, for the heck of it, etc - any excuse will do).  I received more fabrics in those two packages, but I'm holding off with the show & tell until another post.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Misadventures in Baking *sigh*

Okay - this post has nothing to do with quilting (although I have done plenty of bone-headed things in quilting too). I go to church at the local university, and we were asked to bring goodies for tonight's Mass. It is the last evening Mass of the semester and it is always held outdoors by the huge Christmas Tree outside the Student Union building. My best friend and quilting buddy had made the most delicious cherry chocolate cake a few months ago and so I decided to make it, especially since it was very festive when made in a bundt pan.

It would have been a great idea - however the recipe that I thought she used was for a chocolate cherry DUMP cake (duh - most people would probably know that a DUMP cake is done in a 13 x 9 pan for a reason - not me though). When I pulled the cake out of the oven, I got a little suspicious, so I called my best friend and quilting buddy to ask her if it should look like it did. When she mentioned the recipe calling for almond extract, I thought to myself, "hmmm...this recipe didn't call for almond extract. I wonder...."

You guessed it - wrong recipe. I tried to unmold it and it was a mess. So what am I doing? I bought two boxes of gourmet frozen cookies to bake from Em's school a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving for a fundraiser - white chocolate macadamia nut and walnut chocolate chunk. All I had to do is let them thaw, slap 'em on greased cookie sheets, bake, cool, and done! I'm still going to go get the ingredients to make the right cake in a little bit, because I can't just bring these cookies in good conscience. Most of these students have been away from home since August and they're such great kids - they deserve something homemade. So I'm heading out in a few minutes to the store. Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday. Do some sewing for me, okay?

1:30 pm Update:  Well, everything is done - I remade the cherry chocolate cake using the correct recipe, but in a 13 x 9 pan since I don't have time to correct another disaster.  I made that frosting where you cook, sugar, butter, and half & half. Then you stir in a cup of semi sweet chocolate morsels and just pour it over the warm cake - it's my favorite chocolate icing, especially when the cake has cherries in it - yummy.  I just sat down to catch my breath before cleaning up.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway Frenzy!

I am SO bad! I should be getting the house cleaned up and some laundry done, but what have I been up to? Hanging out on the computer entering one giveaway after another. If you didn't know about it, head over to Sew Mama Sew and check out the fabulous giveaways (but hurry they end this weekend!)

I did manage to sew my panache coins together for the stacked coins, non-traditional baby quilt. I ordered some Kona Cotton in Ochre to do the sashing. I just hope the color is what I think it is. I seriously need a color card (hmmmm - thinking about mentioning it to the pugs as a suggestion for their oh so nice mommy for Christmas *grin*).

Tomorrow, is a trip to the eye doctor for a check up and I'm sure some new glasses. My eyesight is very, very bad (can't see near or far). I've worn glasses since kindergarten and in recent years have had trouble with the nosepads hurting my nose because my lenses were very heavy. Two years ago the doctor suggested Swissflex 2.5 Eyephorics by Italee. I'm telling you they are the best glasses ever! They weigh 2.5 grams and with high index plastic lenses that are nice and thin (and expensive) they are the most comfortable things ever - I forget that I have them on. You can customize them with a variety of colors - these have light blue for the nose and purple for the temples. I even got the clip on sunglasses, after all, I live in the Sunshine State and can't live down here without them. I think I'm going to go with an icy mint green for the nose and navy for the temples this time and a different shape lens too.