Monday, December 7, 2009

The Postwoman Always Honks Twice

Yep - I got two honks today as I received not one, but two packages containing fabric delivered by our nice mail person - it was a very good day :)

In the first package were a couple of Kona Cotton and other assorted fabrics.  I couldn't wait to lay out the ochre color to see if I had somehow miraculously, sight unseen (except on the Web), achieved the perfect match for the Moda Panache stacked coin strips.  Well, I'll let you all judge for yourselves.  The color I was aiming for is in the bottom coin in the middle strip.

It's not an exact match but it works really well and I think perhaps an exact match could be a little dull.  I'll have to look at everything in the daylight to make a final determination. 

When I opened my other package and pulled out the Poseidon fabric from Moda's Momo Odyssea, I laid it on top of the sable Kona cotton along with a piece of Calypso and it is a good match to the brown color of the fish in the Poseidon fabric (again, not an exact match, but it looks just fine).  See?

I only have three of these fabrics, but I'm thinking about perhaps making a film strip quilt as show in Crazy Mom's tutorial.  I could use the Poseidon (fish) fabric for the patterned center squares and the Calypso fabric that is more psychedelic for the frames.  I'll have to think about it though because I'll need some more variety in the fabrics (isn't that how it always goes? I just need some more fabric for variety, for contrast, for the heck of it, etc - any excuse will do).  I received more fabrics in those two packages, but I'm holding off with the show & tell until another post.

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