Saturday, November 7, 2009

What happens when...

You're sitting there with your friends at a sewfest and your best friend and quilting buddy (BF&QB) says, "I need to go to the quilt shop for a yard of fabric. Who wants to go with me?" Well, you can't make her go by herself now can you? Of course not.

We get to the fabric store (remember - to pick up one yard of fabric), and find all Kaffe Fassett fabrics are $4.99 a yard. Two hours and 22.5 yards of fabric later (just my purchase mind you - BF&QB had even more) we concluded that when we go to a quilt shop together, we are like a couple of drunks in a liquor store. We need a chaperone when we go to any store where there is even a remote possibility that fabric could be for sale.

Naturally, we decided that we would split up a lot of our purchases - we'd by a one yard cut and then when we got back to the house, we could cut them in half and swap (we wound up swapping 1/2 yards of 10 of the one-yard cuts each). Then, we decided that we might as well buy fabrics for backing, borders, and binding. Of course, I spied a couple of bolts that were just about gone, so - what the heck - might as well finish the bolt when that happens, right? So it went.

As far as sew fest is concerned, I have managed to finish 20 strip tubing blocks using the kiwiberry bali pops and should be able to finish 20 more tomorrow - so I'll be about 2/3 done by the end of the day tomorrow. I also managed to whip up another pillowcase for Em using some Kitty Cucumber fabric that was left over from her first birthday quilt. The yellow fabric was a little brighter than I wanted, but the pattern matches the yellow dresses some of the kitties are wearing :)

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  1. Hm....a sewfest and a fabric frenzy....sounds PERFECT to me, lol!!! How often do you find Kaffe at that price! I say good job.