Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two completed quilt tops

First, Kelley finished her first quilt top and backing, so she was off yesterday to take it to be quilted. I forgot to take a picture of the backing, but it just so happens that there is some fabric left over, so that should suffice. You'll notice that I included a picture of the selvage - hmmmm :) She said yesterday that she can't wait to see her daughter's face when she gives it to her. I told her that giving it away is the best part of making a quilt - it is truly a labor of love and it's like giving a hug away that will last for generations, isn't it?

I finished the top for the Christmas tree skirt, it needs a good pressing, but here it is. I think I'm going to go ahead and get it quilted first and then I'll mark where I'm going to cut it and stay stitch to each side and then slice up the back and cut out the hole for the tree. I wonder how big to make the hole. The size of a CD? What do you think? She has an artificial tree for now, but I figure when Em gets older, she might want to get a real one. It will have ties so it can be adjusted bigger if need be.

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  1. I LOVE Kelley's quilt! And that Christmas tree skirt is wonderful, the colors just glow. SO pretty. I just looked at a cd, and I think that should be good....will it be tied around the trunk, or go around the stand? If around the stand, you're going to want it a LOT bigger. Although I think it would kill me to make a big hole in that, lol!