Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing with new fabric

There was a package waiting for me when I got home tonight and I am thrilled with my new toys. I got four charm packs of Moda Panache by Sanae on sale for $3.99 each (as well as a bunch of other fabrics that were on sale)! Oh how I love a great deal! I'm going to save myself right into the poor house *sigh*

I've been wanting to do a different kind of baby quilt that is more modern for one of my oldest daughter's friends, and this fabric fits the bill. Two bloggers in particular have really inspired me for attempting something more modern and edgy, Crazy Mom Quilts who has featured a great stacked coins baby quilt on her blog, and FilmintheFridge (Ashley) who creates the most gorgeous modern quilts. I think I'm going to do a stacked coins quilt using these Panache charms. I cut up one of the charm packs and started stacking the pieces to get an idea of what it might look like. Since the colors in these charms are pretty strong, I'm not planning to use white sashing, but rather one of those Kona cotton solid colors that will provide a nice background to compliment these. Hmmm...I think I'm REALLY going to like these charms for this quilt. I can't start working on it though until I finish the tree skirt which is coming along quite nicely if I may say so myself.
11/18 update 8:57 a.m. EST
I was looking at the Kona Cotton Solids and I think I'm going to have to go try and see if I can find some of the Ochre color - I think that might do the trick. In any case, I'll have to see it in person before I order it. Eventually, I'm going to have to get one of those color cards, but I think I'll wait until the next one comes out since 2009 is almost over. I wonder how often the names of the colors get changed, or do they stay the same year after year? Do any of you happen to know?


  1. Love that fabric. So great that you got it on sale. I just made my first coin quilt as well. You will love making that pattern.

  2. I could dive right into that pile and not come up - how beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the quilt made.
    I don't know if Kona changes the names of the colors or not...it would be worth it to find out.