Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Decorating

I figured that since I was decorating the house for Christmas, that I'd do the same for my blog. The picture at the top is the king of the house, Alsley. He was laying on his pillow sunning himself this morning. It was a bit cool for him and he suffers from back problems and gets very stiff when he is cold. Desipite being 13, he is so regal - I wonder what he was thinking (?) Oh well - guess I will never know.

We put up the Christmas Tree at my youngest daughter's house (along with the tree skirt I finished a few days ago). Em was absolutely mesmerized - she was so excited that she could hardly contain herself when we turned the lights on. She put all her ornaments around the lower part of the tree, so they're handy when she decides to rearrange them. My daughter took pictures, but I don't have any to post yet (rats!)
I came home and put up my small tree and the Nativity set that belonged to my mother when she was little. After polishing off some Thanksgiving leftovers, I finished making a couple of flannel pillowcases to go with this flannel quilt that I made back in January for my daughter and Em. I'm listening to Christmas music and enjoying a peaceful evening - it is wonderful!


  1. Your blog looks wonderful, Mary! And Alsley looks SO thoughtful...I'm sure he's pondering the meaning of the universe or something. Or maybe he's just waiting for a squirrel.

    The pillowcases and quilt are so pretty! I bet it was fun to watch Em, I really miss having little ones around, especially this time of year!

  2. That is a cute picture of Alsley. They sure do like laying in the sunshine.

    I like the pattern in your flannel quilt, with blocks floating over a stripe. It gives me some ideas.