Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quilts on the Wing

Update: Look at what the mail person brought to me! I love getting stuff in the mail that's not bill-related :o) This is the perfect bag to tuck into my big monster bag that I bring to sew fests. It easily holds my rotary cutter and all my hand sewing stuff with room to spare. I got it on Lynne of PatcheryMenagerie's etsy shop. The workwomanship put into this bag is amazing! She also makes a big version of this bag that is perfect for knitting needles or a bottle of wine ;^>

These two quilts are on their ways to their new homes in Connecticut.

This Courtyard quilt was actually done last March, and was made for friends of mine in Connecticut. These friends invited my oldest daughter up there over Christmas break last year and were so wonderful to her. The wife has MS and it is very painful for her when she gets cold, so I thought this would be a nice "thank you" gift for them. Since it was made with fall-ish fabrics, I wanted to wait to send it until this time of year.

I have made several quilts using the Courtyard pattern. It was from the March/April 2002 Quiltmaker magazine. The quilt whips up in no time - easy schmeasy.

Here's a close-up of the fabrics.

I like to send quilts when it is no special occasion - just a surprise in the mail.

The other quilt on it's way is my old friend/nemesis Funky Stripes. Finally got the label on last night.


  1. Oh Mary, the quilts are so beautiful. I especially love the Courthouse pattern!

  2. Those are both so beautiful - I especially love Funky Stripes! What a good friend you are.

  3. Glad you like the bag! The quilts are lovely! I really love the funky stripes one!

  4. I really like this second quilt. I like patterns that look like one layer over another.