Sunday, September 27, 2009

Turquoise or no Turquoise?

I finished all the blocks for this quilt a couple of days ago and I'm considering taking out all the blocks with turquoise out (16 of them - a quarter of the quilt). I just don't know. Normally I like to have a little bit of "pop" in quilts, but I'm afraid that the turquoise is more of a jarring contrast in this one.

Please let me know what you think. Hopefully the pictures shown side by side will help. If I do replace them, I'll have to make more purple blocks because all the ones with turquoise were blocks that had purple in them (my daugher's favorite color) - rats! I'd also have to go buy more purple batiks. I really don't want to have to do that. *sigh*

I wonder if I could find an outer border batik fabric that is mostly purple with some turquoise in it if it would make the turquoise fit in more? I'm sooooo confused!


  1. Oh Mary, I agree with you. That turquoise just doesn't play nicely with all the others. It might if it was a bit more subdued, but it really JUMPS OUT. I think they lean too much toward green, and not enough toward blue.

    Your instincts are correct, in my opinion.


  2. Hm....well, after looking at the pics several times, I have to agree with Lynne. It would help if they were more subdued. Rats is right!
    By the way, I can't remember if I asked you this already, but did you know that you're a no-reply blogger? I can't email you when you leave a comment on my blog. You're the only other person I know that uses those thimble pads!

  3. THey do tend to overwhelm everything else, but the picture without them is very bland, so if you make something new, make them 'catchy' to brighten everything up.

  4. I think only the soft mushy turquoise ones need to come out. The ones that have turquoise paired with a dark fabric are fine.

    Yes you are a no reply blogger. You can change that by going to Edit Profile and putting a check mark in front of Show my Email and Save.