Thursday, September 3, 2009

This pattern is really great!

After working with the Funky Stripes pattern that was such a pain to make, I was a little skeptical as to how easy this Strip Tubing thing was going to be. It's a similar set up in that you sew strips together and then cut the strips into triangles. But there's a big difference in that this one is definitely as easy as advertised by the book and the quilt shop owner. I am using the ruler that is recommended, so I'm sure that is helping. What is so great though is that all the seams nest just perfectly - I didn't do any pinning at all for these two blocks that are made from one strip set. I still have to press the final seams sewn in the blocks, they've just been finger pressed for the picture. I'm waiting until I put the quilt together to press them so they'll nest. I think I'm really going to enjoy making this quilt! I hope everyone is having a great week - one more work day!


  1. I hope I can get a copy of that pattern the next time I see you. and as always, I love you color choices. very cheery without being gaudy.