Sunday, September 27, 2009

A possible solution regarding the Turquoise dilemma (?)

Well - the responses regarding my turquoise dilemma were consistent that's for sure. So, thank you, thank you for your inputs. At least my suspicions were confirmed that the color just did not belong (like one of those "what's wrong with this picture" cartoons).
I think I might have come up with a solution that will result in 2 quilts instead of one. I looked and looked at the blocks and tried pulling all the blocks containing reds and warm golds out. Separating the warm toned from the cool toned blocks may be a viable solution. If I do go with this, I'm going to put a lot of the turquoise and lime green in with the cool toned blocks so it will look like I did it on purpose and not like the mistake that it started out as ... eeek!
Either way (pulling out all the turquoise or pulling out the warm tones) at least a quarter of the blocks have to come out of the existing quilt.
Let me know what you think in any case, okay?

I'll also have to pick up another light batik with a whitish background because I have used all that I had in the existing blocks. I left some of the lighter yellows and greenish-gold blocks in the cool section. I may wind up pulling them out too, but I'm not sure yet - they definitely don't work in with the warm toned blocks.

Lesson Learned: I think next time I get a yen to make a batik quilt using a pattern like this, I'm going to try those Hoffman Bali Pops - all precut and coordinated.

Oh - and thank you for letting me know about the no reply blogger thing - I had no idea. I think it is fixed now.


  1. I think you've hit on a great solution Mary! Looking good to me!

  2. Great idea! I'm no color guru, and I struggle with coordinating too. I'm beginning to lean towards buying lines of fabrics that all miraculously go together!

  3. Batik,s are beautiful but not always the easiest to co,ordinate, these look fine
    Haven,t managed to get the site up for the Pesto yet, I,m going to have another go--cottonreel