Saturday, August 22, 2009

Roman Holiday Top - Done!

I just put the last border on, so all I have left is the backing to throw together. I'm not ready to spend the money to get it quilted any time soon. The quilt is 105" x 105" so it will be a pretty penny when the time comes. I'm not showing any full pictures of it for now - I want to wait until it's done. I did want to share one of my little old man guarding it though.

I went over to my youngest daughter's house today, and while I was there, I picked up a quilt to launder. I really had not taken any pictures where you could see this entire quilt. It was made for my daughter's baby shower which we had a few weeks before Miss Em was born. My daughter was never a huge fan of pink, but we knew she was going to have a baby girl. I thought that she needed a quilt for cuddling with her new little one, and this one was the result.

I decided to use shades of coral for the darks and shades of celery green for the lights. It's one of my all time favorite quilts.

I backed it with Beatrix Potter striped fabric so that it had a baby element.

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  1. Awww - puppers looks awfully cozy there! I like what I see!

    I love that baby quilt, oh my what beautiful fabrics!